Marine Pipeline and Cathodic Pile Protection Systems



Anodes and Electrodes
AIWC have a complete range of corrosion prevention systems that utilise anodes and electrodes to help prevent and absorb corrosion on behalf of piles and form work.

Features and Usage
- corrosion prevention anodes
- zinc ref. electrodes
- sacrificial anodes
- ICCP anodes


Pipeline Test Points
Our range of pipeline test points and supporting pipeline test point equipment ensure reliable, consistent and accurate testing of pipeline structures and substrates.

Features and Usage
- pipeline test points
- test point bonding disks
- test point trace wire
- test point paddock markers


Insulating Joints and Gaskets
AIWC both supply and install pipeline insulating joints and pipeline insulating gaskets for any size and length of substrate across the entire Asia-Pacific region.

Features and Usage
- pipeline insulating joints
- pipeline insulating gaskets
- pressure rated high quality joints
- pressure rated high quality gaskets


ICCP Installations
Our ICCP Pile corrosion prevention and refurbishment systems provide a reliable and cost effective method of pile protection utilising the benefits of ICCP Anodes.

Features and Usage
- pile encapsulation systems
- epoxy pile encapsulation
- timber and concrete pile corrosion prevention and refurbishment


Coke Breeze Back Fill
At AIWC, we use and recommend high quality backfill based on using either Gypsum Bentonite Backfill or Carbonaceous Backfill that aide in corrosion prevention.

Features and Usage
- Gypsum Bentonite back fill
- Carbonaceous back fill
- pile encapsulation and refurbishment backfill