Pipeline Corrosion Prevention and Pipeline Protection Systems



Ram Petrolatum Systems
Ram Petrolatum Tape Systems utilize micro-crystalline waxes that offer high conformability, superior adhesion to itself and substrate and are user friendly.

Features and Usage
- pipeline corrosion prevention
- pipeline insulation
- pipeline protection
- easy application


Flexi Seal 100 System
Flexi Seal 1000 tape coating systems can be applied by hand or machine while onsite. They offer the best solution for coating pipelines when only Butyl tapes will do.

Features and Usage
- pipeline corrosion prevention
- pipeline protection
- hand application
- machine application


Zanelli Heat Shrink Sleeves
Zanelli Heat Shrink Sleeves are a thick, robust and more tolerant sleeve which do not require additional heat to achieve uniform coating over a substrate.

Features and Usage
- high tolerance
- easy application while onsite
- uniform application
- no additional heat required


Epoxy Urethane Coatings
Epoxy and Urethane Coatings are a cost effective way to run long distance pipeline corrosion prevention coatings whilst keeping application costs to a minimum.

Features and Usage
- long distance pipeline sealing and protection
- cost effective over long distances
- long lasting protection

Downloadable Data and MSDS Sheets