Pipeline and Marine Pile Protection and Corrosion Prevention Systems


Australasian Industrial Wrappings and Coatings Pty Ltd.

AIWC is an Australian owned company that provide pipeline and marine pile protection and corrosion prevention systems across Australia and the entire Asia Pacific Region.

Australasian Industrial Wrappings and Coating's market leading provision of Pipeline Corrosion Prevention Systems, Cathodic Pile Protection and Marine Wrapping Systems has been setting the benchmark for industries across the region for over 10 years.

We are a well placed industrial supplier of products and services for GAS, Oil, Water, Petrochemical, Civil Pipeline, Marine Pipeline Systems and both Timber and Concrete Marine Piles.

Petrolatum Tapes made in Australia

 We are the only manufacturer of petrolatum tapes in Australia..

Petrolatum Tape

  • Above Ground
  • Below Ground
  • Marine
  • Made in Australia
  • Not Imported


Pipeline Coatings

We provide Ram Pretolatum Tape, Flexi Seal 1000, Heat Shrink Sleeves and Exposy Urethane Coatings.

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Marine Coatings

We provide RAM Series 1 - 2 - 200 - 200FD, Concrete Encapsulation and Timber Pile Refurbishment.

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Pipeline Equipment

We provide hot tap fittings,  pipe fittings, joints, rock mesh, case insulators, pigs, spikes, back fill and more.

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Cathodic Protection

We provide anodes, electrodes, insulating joints and gaskets, ICCP, test points and more.

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AIWC Feature Projects