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JOB: RAM FG System

LOCATION: Fremantle, Western Australia

DETAILS: In October 2019, Shorewater Marine were selected to repair a steel superstructure in Fremantle, Western Australia. Unfortunately during construction, the unknown applicators failed to seal the HDPE sleeves correctly meaning oxygen and water was able to transfer within the anulus. To rectify this issue, Shorewater Marine use grout to seal the sleeves at the seabed, installed continuity for a CP system, filled all voids between the grout and headstock with RAM Marine Mastic, wrapped the entire headstock with RAM Marine Tape then secured the system with the RAM FG Outerwrap.

RAM FG System was specifically chosen due to the difficult angles on these piles and unusual shaped headstock's with different shaped connections. The feedback AIWC received from Shorewater Marine was exceptional, Shorewater Marine were extremely happy with the RAM FG System and have no doubt they will use this system in the future.

TIME: Works completed October 2019.


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